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2Pinot-Grigio015 Pinot Grigio

This pinot grigio is floral, with apple, melon & pear aromas.  The palate is refreshingly crisp & lively, with flavours of apple, pear, citrus & hints of green tea/herbs. Try with tuna or salmon pasta with fresh herbs, grilled octopus, shellfish or mild Asian dishes.

one-starone-starone-starone-star 88 points, James Halliday Wine Companion 2017

11.7% alc (v/v) 6.9 std drinks 750ml $20.00

Viognier2012 Viognier

This viognier is intensely perfumed, with aromas of musk and honeysuckle ahead of ripe fruit flavours.  The palate is supple and refined, with great mouth-feel and a crisp, dry finish. Try with Thai seafood, trout, seafood pasta, pork or chicken.

BRONZE MEDAL Class 16, Australian Small Winemakers Show, 2014

13.9% alc (v/v) 8.2 std drinks 750ml $20.00

Chardonnay2012 Chardonnay

A refined chardonnay exhibiting ripe peach, melon, tropical fruit and citrus flavours with subtle vanilla and hints of spice.  The palate is rich, smooth and balanced. Match with trout, salmon, pork or chicken.

SILVER MEDAL Class 5, Dookie Wine Show 2016

one-starone-starone-starone-star 89 points, James Halliday Wine Companion 2016

BRONZE MEDAL Class 3, Australian Small Winemakers Show, 2014

BRONZE  MEDAL Class 25, Victorian Wines Show 2014

13.0% alc (v/v) 8.1 std drinks 750ml $25.00

Zinfandel2015 Rosato

A rosé leaning on its red wine influences with a little more colour & mouth feel than some. Blended from a number of varieties, where juice is drawn off early in the fermentation. A dry wine exhibiting floral, pomegranate & cherry aromas along with toasty, herbal notes and soft tannins to balance. Can be served chilled

12.3% alc (v/v) 7.3 std drinks 750ml $14.00

Zinfandel2014 Zinfandel (Primitivo)

The 2014 zinfandel is a lively wine, full of rich, ripe berry flavours, hints of clove/spice, rose petal and black pepper.  The palate is balanced with good length and silky tannins. In Puglia, the province from where the Ciavarella family emigrated, “zin” is called primitivo. Try it with game meats, gourmet pizza or antipasti.

one-starone-starone-starone-star 89 points, James Halliday Wine Companion 2017

BRONZE MEDAL Class 4, Dookie Wine Show 2016

13.9% alc (v/v) 8.2 std drinks 750ml $28.00

Zinfandel2014 Tempranillo

A tempranillo exhibiting ripe berry, plum & cherry fruits, earthiness & spice/cinnamon notes. Medium-bodied, it matches well to Mediterranean cuisine such as tapas, cured meats or antipasti. Testament to the grapegrowing skill of the Martinelli family, of Glenmore Springs in the upper King Valley.

one-starone-starone-starone-star ½  90 points, James Halliday Wine Companion 2017

BRONZE MEDAL Class 4, Dookie Wine Show 2016

14.2% alc (v/v) 8.4 std drinks 750ml $22.00

Zinfandel2013 Cabernet Merlot

A cabernet sauvignon and merlot blend with flavours of violets, ripe berry, cherry and plum fruits.  The wine has a rich, plump mid-palate and fine silky tannins. A good match to barbecued lamb chops, venison or a mild red curry.

one-starone-starone-starone-star ½  90 points, James Halliday Wine Companion 2016

14.2% alc (v/v) 8.4 std drinks 750ml $22.00

Zinfandel2012 Shiraz Viognier

A rich shiraz with ripe berry/black currant flavours, with a floral lift from the viognier component. The ripe fruit flavours are balanced by soft, silky tannins. A good match to a seared steak or venison.

BRONZE MEDAL Class 1, Dookie Wine Show 2014

BRONZE MEDAL Class 57, Australian Small Winemakers Show, 2014

one-starone-starone-starone-star½  92 points, James Halliday Wine Companion 2016

14.2% alc (v/v) 8.4 std drinks 750ml $25.00

Reserve-Durif2010 Reserve Durif

A rich wine displaying ripe fruit in the plum, black cherry spectrum, with floral notes overlying firm tannins and typical earthy durif characters.  Match with hearty dishes, perhaps lamb shanks or a tender rump steak.

one-starone-starone-starone-starone-star 94 points, James Halliday Wine Companion 2013

GOLD  MEDAL Class 23, Victorian Wines Show 2011

BRONZE MEDAL Class 75, WINEWISE Small Vigneron Awards 2012

13.7% alc (v/v) 8.1 std drinks 750ml $35.00

Reserve-Shiraz2012 Reserve Shiraz

A rich, full-bodied shiraz, multi-layered with flavours of ripe berries, pomegranate, liquorice and dried plum.  Hints of pepper, star anise and velvety tannins bring balance and length.  Enjoy with slow-cooked meats, peppered steak or vintage cheddar.

BRONZE MEDAL Class 55, Australian Small Winemakers Show, 2014

one-starone-starone-starone-starone-star 94 points, James Halliday Wine Companion 2017

14.3% alc (v/v) 8.5 std drinks 750ml $40.00

Bianca2010 Bianca

A medium-sweet wine made from chardonnay and viognier from the Alpine and King Valleys. Exhibits rockmelon, apple, lemon, perfumed rose petal and subtle herbal aromas. The palate is mouth-filling with honeyed, herbaceous, perfumed flavours and a clean finish. Try with soft cheeses or light fruit desserts. Serve chilled.

9.2% alc (v/v) 5.4 std drinks 750ml $15.00


Dolcino is a sweet blend of shiraz and cabernet with intense berry fruits, and fragrance with a savoury note.  Silky tannins balance the sweetness and give true red wine structure and a clean, dry finish .  Match with tasty cheeses, nuts and fruit, or with curries and other spicy foods.  Serve chilled.

13.0% alc (v/v) 7.7 std drinks 750ml $10.00

Aucerot2009 Autumn Gold (Late Harvest Aucerot)

A sweet dessert style made from 100% aucerot grapes exhibiting a complexity of flavours including citrus, marmalade, cumquat and subtle herbal notes. The sweetness is balanced by vibrant acidity that gives a crisp, clean finish. Serve chilled as an aperitif or after dinner with a cheese and fruit platter.

8.0% alc (v/v) 3.2 std drinks 500ml $28.00

Aucerot2010 Noble Aucerot

We are custodians of aucerot in Australia. A tiny crop in 2010 produced this luscious, golden aucerot; a special wine indeed. It has intense botrytis characters, apricot, ripe peach, dried fruit/Christmas cake, mixed peel, mandarin/cumquat flavours. Try it chilled with a steamed pudding or blue mould cheese. Only 302 bottles produced.

one-starone-starone-starone-star½  93 points James Halliday Wine Companion 2013

10.0% alc (v/v) 3.9 std drinks 500ml $80.00

Fortified-WhiteFortified White

A non-vintage fortified made from verdelho, aucerot and chardonnay.  Mid-sweet, with flavours of raisins, candied orange peel and nuttiness from wood-aging (average 5 years) before blending.  Enjoy as an aperitif or after dinner. Matches a variety of foods from artisan bread and peppery olive oil, to chestnut soup, nuts and dried fruits. May be chilled.

18.7% alc (v/v) 7.4 std drinks 500ml $20.00

Fortified-DurifFortified Durif 2009

Our fortified durif is an intensely coloured vintage style, with opulent ripe black fruit flavours and hints of cherry and spice. The sweet fruit and soft, velvety tannins linger on the palate. Try with dried figs, cheeses or dark chocolate and good friends.

one-starone-starone-star Winestate Magazine 2011

17.7% alc (v/v) 7.0 std drinks 500ml $28.00


A small parcel of muscat grapes from Rutherglen was sourced to produce this, our first release muscat. It is a luscious, sweet style with distinct fresh muscat and raisin flavours, and hints of rose petal. Perfect for after dinner sipping or by the fireside with roasted chestnuts.

one-starone-starone-star Winestate Magazine 2011

17.5% alc (v/v) 6.9 std drinks 500ml $23.00