Our Story

Ciavarella Wines Portrait

Welcome to Ciavarella Oxley Estate Wines, a family-owned winery in the King Valley, North East Victoria. Established 1978, the Ciavarella family initially sold grapes prior to crafting wines under their own label.

Oxley Estate has been described as ‘a tiny gem’ with a focus and philosophy of making quality wines they love and are proud to have bear their name. Handcrafted, every wine is allowed to progress at its natural pace, and quality is maintained from vineyard to the glass.

Among the vines on the small vineyard is a small planting of the rare grape aucerot, of which Oxley Estate are the sole custodians in Australia.

The Ciavarella family are passionate about creating wines which display varietal character, and believe that the best wine comes from effort in the vineyard.  Good winemaking captures the potential of the grapes, the vineyard, and the season.  Fine wines come from being in tune those and working to express their potential in the glass, perhaps putting your signature on along the way.

Oxley Estate make a diverse range of wines and styles, including a number of unique wines, such as the dessert wines made from aucerot grapes, a fortified white blend based on aucerot and verdelho, and Dolcino®, a medium-sweet red with a dry finish.  A number of varieties less common in Australia, such as durif, zinfandel and viognier add to the appeal for wine lovers.

At Oxley Estate’s cellar door you will find the family going about daily vineyard and winery work. If you have the time, they will slow down for a chat and answer any questions – sometimes with a short tour of the barrel room and a personalised tasting of wines in development or upcoming vintages.

The Ciavarella family warmly invite you to drop in and visit Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm.

“We look forward to seeing you.”

Cyril and Jan Ciavarella